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371 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135 (617) 787-2626

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We're blending our passion for making delicious food with our extensive knowledge of our cuisine to create authentic and classic dishes for your enjoyment. We use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and promise to give your taste buds something to be excited about.

Thank you for ordering directly from our website which helps us to provide the best service with a focus on top-quality ingredients. Enjoy your next meal to go—you will not be disappointed!

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Google Reviews

Emanuel Sayag

Wow! Such a great place! Good American food, perfect for weekend morning breakfast. I went with my 4 YO kid and he got for free milk and a pancake from the team with a huge smile on their face. He just fall in love with them

Travis Alex

I've been visiting Jim's Deli since my college days back in 2009. Even when I left the city to move to Providence in 2013 for a few years, I would come back here for food and bring along anyone that would come with me.

Michael Tomasiak

Incredible spot. Jim's has been our go-to spot ever since we moved to Brighton! For breakfast, try their country benedict or breakfast burrito; for dinner, their chicken pot pie and meatloaf specials are always amazing.

Paul Dixon

The sandwiches are always so chock full of meat and toppings. NEVER disappointing. And I love that's I can order a side of pickles and diet soda other than diet Coke. The dinners are damned good, too—real homestyle cooking.

Frank Duran

Unique Cafeteria style restaurant. Everything on the menu looked delicious. The Biscuits and gravy was amazing. My side of Bacon was done to perfection and the muffins were totally worth the pick up. My wife got a Fat Louis wrap and said it was great.

Vinny LaMonica

Took me months to find a great breakfast place in Boston, and this is it! Jim's Deli is definitely the best breakfast around! Great portions, friendly service, and - as all breakfast should be - very well priced. This place is now my go-to!